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    East Side Mario's review on 2016-01-24 00:24:46

    Two weeks prior to December 7 2015 we booked a party for 18 people. When our party arrived the girl at the front had no idea what we were talking about. One manager Krishna came out and advised he had nothing noted in their book. He then accused us of lying about making the reservation and walked away. A few minutes later a waitress advised that there was another manager Nilda that we could speak with. She was rude didn't apologize instead blamed us for not taking down the name of the person who booked the party. Nilda said that only managers are allowed to book parties and on the weekends parties aren't booked earlier then 9pm. She said there were a lot of conventions in the area and we would have to go to another restaurant. Then walked off and pretended to be busy so she wouldn't have to talk to us. The next day I called the restaurant pretending to want to book a party for Saturday around 630. Matt was the name of the person I spoke to and he placed me on hold for a moment and then advised me that as per his manager going forward parties on the weekend are not to be booked earlier then 9pm. Matt also confirmed for me that Nilda lied about how only managers can book parties. He said anyone in the restaurant can book reservations. I have contacted cara guest services who have not provided me a resolution its been over a month since i filed a complaint. they offered 25 gc in compensation. escalated to the director who wont spk with me

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